Love me Do

Feb 27

last ranting about this fake candy or onigirl or whatever her name is

Dear Arashi-fan who is deceiving many fans,

I already know you in fb and I can’t believe you’re also deceiving many fans here in tumblr. I am not going to put your link or whatsoever because you’re just a trash. Who knows? you only want your link to be spread out in tumblr that is why you’re creating this chaos? 

If you’re this person who reads this? you know who you are.

and I have a very good advice to you: If you really are a “FAN” of these BANDS/Artists. “R-E-S-P-E-C-T THEM!” DON’T DECEIVE OTHER PEOPLE THAT YOU OWN THEM (or that they are YOU). What can you gain from lying to others? nothing. Yes. They will “follow you” or you’ll be “popular” but lying to them is lying to yourself too! There will come a day that the truth will (always) show up and you’ll be destroyed. So if I were you? STOP doing these things. It will hurt many people, it will hurt the artists that you admire and you will hurt yourself.

and one more thing. Saying that your MOTHER is SHO in facebook and your FATHER is OHNO. It is so obvious that you’re a Liar.


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